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Clinical trial opportunity

  • What is Model revision? An opportunity to pay $2000 for 12 treatments and save money while improving your skin. As a model you will receive treatments that are high end and results driven.

  • Models are needed for before & after photos, product reviews, treatment reviews and to document treatment protocols that work best for certain conditions.  They help our Paramedical Esthetician put into practice her vast knowledge without economic limitations for 12 treatments.

  • The treatments are services from the list of the offered procedures, the Paramedical esthetician will use the advanced knowledge of skincare to put together the best treatment plan.

  • Results may vary

12 Treatments Skin Revision

  • Consultation Required

  • Financing Available with Advanced care card, apply on link above.

  • Special Model Price 

  • Must Follow guidelines

  • in house Payment plan available with $300 down

  • 12 treatments 

  • 12 weeks to 12 months for full revision

  • 1 Skincare product kit included

  • Skincare products available for purchase

  • Must be paid in full

  • Must do Model interview to be utilized as testimonial and advertising

  • payment & financing plans

$3,500 - $8,000 Value!


             Wrinkles Today

              Wrinkles Gone Tomorrow

Unsure of what treatment is best for you? Do you wish to afford more ? Join our Model Review program

12 treatments  that esthetician will choose based on your skin condition

 $2000 pay in full of  put $300 down and make automatic monthly payments Value estimate is over $3500 or more.

must leave a good & helpful review - bad reviews won't help our spa, out of 12 treatments and for saving over 50% off our regular price we expect for you to comment on something you liked. 

must we willing to do review in video & audio, photos

Results vary by each client,  depending on how well you stick to the program and how damaged your skin is.  Your skin will be different from your first time in Florida Esthetics, at times more work is needed to correct skincare damage that each individual created by years and years of bad self care.  Results not guaranteed.


Sessions will expose you to state of art skincare and technology,  you will learn how to treat your skin, you will be able to afford expensive treatments, your skin will thank you,  Be appreciative of our time and our treatments.  Esthetician will focus on treatments they feel are needed. If you are seeking to only work on one area or specific area please pay full service for that service.


one skincare kit is included, client must purchase other skincare products as needed. 

We reserve the right to use model photos and other for advertising. 

Models receive  model session interview appointment with a facial and make up if needed.  Models at times will get free treatments or products to try out.  can no be combined with other offers.