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Paramedical Skincare  1515 2nd Street Sarasota, FL 34236

 10 sessions  start your skin revision program


kick the dermatox out and move in beautiful skin! 


home skincare kit included $ 400 over value

 Sessions done Twice per week, once per week, or twice per month depending on severity of the skin due to acne, rosecea, dry skin, dermatitis, esthetician will put you on a schedule.


Must be paid in full.


Great for skin with bad rosacea, 

Acne out of control?  face hurts? Come in for beautiful skin


Are you tired of medicine that does not work? products and facials that do not work? Are you self consious? We can help find the beautiful skin you are meant to have, working together we can reach that goal!



Rosacea or Acne

$2,850.00 Regular Price
$2,600.00Sale Price