Injury without scars

On July 18, 2016, around 11pm, a teen from Bradenton and her parent visited the emergency room after a drastic fall from a golf kart. The nurse ran tests to make sure there was no broken bones on her swollen knee and no fractures on her badly scraped cheek and face. She had fallen off the back of a golf kart going full speed as it took a turn at a local neighborhood street, where she fell and landed on the pavement, sliding about six feet on her face and arm Damaging tissue on her ear, face, chin, arms, hands and knee on impact, she was lucky nothing was broken. Although no fractures were found, lots of tissue was damaged and scarring could occur while the healing process began. The nurse at the local hospital stated that in Florida there are many golf kart accidents reported and visits to the ER, that she has seen many patients with broken bones due to golf kart falls. Antibiotics and pain killers were prescribed and the wound was clean up and taken care of for the next 3-4 days with antibiotics to prevent infection to the open burn like wound. Then the process of skin revision started,  the use of Rejuvinator daily to help speed up the process  of healing so the skin was well enough to use of SPF and other therapies. Rejuvinator from Viktoria DeAnn used daily, several times per day will heal and protect to minimize scars, it is also great for winter skin, sun burns and as a moisturizer, it will also make other peptides from VD work better. At Florida Esthetics we use Viktoria Deann in our advanced treatments and some of our clients have been lucky to receive samples or are currently on a peptide regiment at home and when they visit for their skincare appointment they use peptides. On July 26, at around 3pm we took another photo of the injured areas, we will continue to mark the progress. Skin revision will be continued with the Rejuvinator, Tizo SPF , LED and dermarolling facials at Florida Esthetics. Depending on how the skin heals, more revision might be needed or microneedle collagen induction therapy. As of September 9th, we are both very happy with the results. Some pigmentation was noted on the corner of the eye, but with LED and daily SPF protection it has resolved it self. No scars where left, thanks to quick action and great skincare from Florida Esthetics.

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